In response to Turkey Valley High School students' interest in agriculture and growing produce, Lynch Family Companies donated $10,000 to the school to build a greenhouse for students. After a year of operation, students and faculty are incredibly grateful for this unique learning opportunity.

Waucoma, Iowa (May 23, 2023) -- What began as a makeshift greenhouse in the halls of Turkey Valley High School is now a fully functioning, student-run greenhouse -- thanks to Lynch’s donation and the community’s support of this project. The introduction of this greenhouse has provided an exceptional educational opportunity for students ranging from preschool to high school.

“The community has been so supportive of the campaign, and Lynch really started the whole process with their donation,” said Steve Pfaffle, agriculture education instructor and FFA advisor. “Lynch wants to foster the education that these kids won't get elsewhere, I can't thank them enough for their generosity.”

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Pictured: Mr. Pfaffle outside the greenhouse with Turkey Valley students.

Within the greenhouse, high school students have embraced the new facility, cultivating everything from tomato plants to decorative flowers. Additionally, younger students from the grade school visit the greenhouse to gain insights into the process, fostering collaboration between different age groups. This interactive learning environment enables older students to share their knowledge of plants and produce growth with younger peers, creating a mutually beneficial experience for all.

“Lynch recognized the potential and eagerness within the Turkey Valley community to create an enhanced learning opportunity for its students,” said Melissa Blockhus, Lynch Family Foundation coordinator. “We see great value in developing agricultural skills that will have a lasting impact on students' lives. Supporting Turkey Valley in this endeavor was an easy decision."

The efforts of students extend beyond the classroom, benefiting the community at large. By selling their produce and plants to community members, students provide organic food to families while gaining an understanding of the value associated with their newfound skills.

“I want to empower them with the knowledge that they can grow their own food,” Pfaffle said. “You don’t have to have fancy equipment, but you do have to know how to do it. Being able to show them in our personal facilities is such a benefit. We are very thankful for Lynch’s donation.”

Media Contact: Kelsey Ritchey

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