National Beef Month: May celebrates Iowa’s booming cattle industry and the farmers who bring beef to our tables.

May begins what Iowans know as summer; children replace the classroom with outside adventures, families spend time in pools and ponds, and neighbors get out the grill to share burgers with friends. We have our beef farmers to thank for our favorite cookouts and valued time spent around the table.

At Lynch Family Companies, May also brings a month-long celebration of National Beef Month. During this month, we recognize our growing place within the beef industry, along with the numerous, delicious benefits of eating beef and stimulating local Iowa businesses.

Beef Economics

The beef industry is growing rapidly within the state of Iowa. At any given time, there are 925,000 beef cows being raised in Iowa – translating to nearly 26,700 direct, indirect, or beef industry-related jobs. At Lynch Family Companies, we are proud to employ over 1,200 employees across the Midwest. Our cattle division is a crucial part of our business, we are proud to be a part of such a vibrant agriculture community.

Nutritious Meals

It’s hard to beat the benefits that beef brings to your plate. Not only does beef contain 10 essential nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle, but it is also undoubtedly an excellent – and delicious – source of protein. One serving of beef contains 50% of your daily protein intake while containing only a fraction of your daily calories. Beef is a family favorite while serving as an important, protein-filled item. As farmers continue to heighten vigilance, safety features and animal welfare efforts on farms, USDA guidelines ensure that your beef is of excellent quality.

Lynch Family Company strives to raise healthy livestock with our valued customers and partners so they can experience success on their farm operations and provide the food families need for a well-balanced diet. We’re able to do this with our valued employees who serve across our companies, ranging from Lynch Nutrition, Spillville Mill and Lynch Cattle Division all the way to Livestock Express who play an important role in safely transporting livestock.

Community Impact

Primarily, National Beef Month is a time to thank our partners, customers and the many cattle-raising families in our communities. We continue to serve families across the country, striving for quality in all our products. During May, and every month, we remain fully committed to providing excellent animal care and doing all we can to improve food animal production for consumers, producers, and caretakers.